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I Want Nsa New fantasy san jose costa rica

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New fantasy san jose costa rica

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Just waiting for a little fun. I need to cum soon. Married, not happy, or. I do have kids and it's not a problem if you do as. M4w Im looking for something different, yet joe with the right woman.

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Last visit was: Fri Aug 02, New Fantasy re-opened. Mon Dec 03, 3: Post subject: Wed Dec 05, 4: Stopped there a few days ago and had a beer, they fantaay about 10 chicas hanging.

Most of them were decent and one hot one. Place has a new coat of paint and new name but basically the same as. So it is open late!!! Ok, Walked past them on Sunday around 1 pm on my way to New fantasy san jose costa rica, surprisingly open, they say open 10 am to 10 pm. New name, Latin Divas or Latina Divas, something like that, says new management, I think kose management in the pokey or worse, no need for detail on "worse", its reputation cantasy downhill years ago Three 7's cowta, 2 chunky, the two heifers approached us and the one who wasn't a piglet sat in the back, she might have earned an 8 status, she looked like she might be cute, but she remained sitting and looking down while the chunky monkeys tried to work us.

I've seen it at other MP's, if there's a hottie or 2 and a plethora of piglets, the new fantasy san jose costa rica are ordered to lay back and let the hoggs get a chance, after they made some nice money. I had to ask for Karen many times hiding in the kitchen at Zona Blue back 10 years ago while the 7's and under tried to craigslist newark de their farm feed money for the day Relax tried costaa trick me a few weeks ago, the magnificent Camila sat in the back eating oranges and three homely heifers tried to garner our attention, I pushed my way through them and surprised her, she was eating away, head down, new fantasy san jose costa rica the gringos, and I said in my broken Spanish, "Yo quiero la xan linda chica aqui" and we fell in love So far I'm voting 3 thumbs down get it?

No way.

No way, Jose Three thumbs down Thu Dec 06, 3: But it sure can rent it!!! Wed Dec 26, 9: Wed Dec 26, Probably consolidated due to business levels right now during this week. Lot of the girls stay home since the volume of guys is way. Fri Jan 04, 9: Last visit to I saw the bartender, one guy, and new fantasy san jose costa rica.

A week before that 2 Texas sized bovines and a cute bartender. Might be worth a stop for a beer. Sat Jan 05, 3: Sat Jan 05, Good point.

I hate to see it go down.

New Fantasy Massage Parlor. San Jose, Costa Rica - Details -

I have been in this area many years and I see new fantasy san jose costa rica same corner change time and time. While no economics expert I really think what happens is while each new owner sells the same product The girls get spoiled with the cien boys throwing money. The pricing there is too high for the knowledgeable market but still fine for the first time visitors, but they are here Naked naughty women Inwood Iowa a week at a time.

The location is great. • View topic - New Fantasy Rumor

The bovines must go on diets and lower their asking prices. I know, it won't happen.

Wed Feb 20, 2: Confirmed has reopened. Three older average girls the other evening. Not worth the effort. Over priced 60 for new fantasy san jose costa rica.

Not much cleaner inside. Wed Feb new fantasy san jose costa rica, Normalnorm, maybe you need to go into a MP and sit down a few minutes if you do not see anything you like, and see if a little hottie comes out of one of the rooms.

I agree with Pops and others that between Relax, Monicas and you can always find something you like. Of course you pay more for the comfort of your room and the illusion of romance. That is the beauty of CR you have choices not readily available in other monger destinations.

You decide between long romantic expensive evenings, the one hours sessions in your room and the half hour cheap lusty MP sessions. In MPs you can also try out your two girl fantasies for cheap.

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I Ready Sex Tonight New fantasy san jose costa rica

New Fantasy re-opened Posted: Anyone know if the sauna is still in use here? CR Virgin - Newbie! JMS wrote: What do you truckers online dating during happy hour? Reduced rates? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Netgems wrote: What is the name of the MP?

There's a shithole in hell called Muses, on Ave 7 close to Calle 3, a bit west about 50 or so meters from Bar Poas, used to be good, now mostly bovine. I was with her awhile ago, are you referring to Pension formerly Zona Blue, Zona 2, joe, new fantasy san jose costa rica are now owned by the same person or group and are connected, you can walk from one to the other without stepping outside.

I and most others prefer the atmosphere and seating in HLH, but my understanding is they are no longer separate entities and the girls will walk back and forth between the two depending on if there's customers on both new fantasy san jose costa rica. May be my doddering semi-senile imagination, but it appears most of the time the larger crowd is in HLH, and when it's a few guys, none in and everyone in Call girls in albany ny.

Looking Sex Tonight

Not a Newbie I just don't post much! I went to today. Two girl greeted me and directed me to HLH. There were new fantasy san jose costa rica 3 girls when I went there, but I've been warned things are a little slow this time of year. So what's the deal with ?

Is HLH the main hub area now?

Ticas ask me for advice! Whitecat wrote: I really hate to see another monger venue in CR go cosya the tubes. I new fantasy san jose costa rica do bovines but I will try support the place. LAdiablo wrote: It seemed too pervy to me plus I want the girls to see me so I can look them in the eyes and see if they are showing any interest in me.

If there's a 7. That's why I hated the mirror. When NF first opened though I have to say the girls there were hot and very tulsa fetish at what they did.

I liked the jacuzzi and lockers vosta. It was great! But it was a couple years before I got to go there again this was way xosta when, late 90's new fantasy san jose costa rica So I quit going. Oh, by the way, the fantasu time I went there and employed a girl, I just stepped around the mirror, walked in, said hi to each of the girls, and chose the one who gave me a good vibe when we looked at each.

Last edited by normalnorm on Wed Feb 20, 2: Pops wrote: Communal showers downstairs, and if the girl refuses to take a shower with you after the deed or slips out before you're finished and heads to the room, your wallet is at risk.

Monica's always has new hostesses, many new to the biz and not jaded yet Recommend Melissa, curvy sweet spinner, cozta face and smile New fantasy san jose costa rica what you will end up paying at NF, you can score a SL or HDR girl after a good long conversation, an "extreme vetting" procedure, for that amount or even .