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We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 7: We strive to present programs of interest at each meeting, covering a wide range of radio topics from A-amperes through Z-impedance. We cordially invite you to visit us and to become a member.

Click here for more details. Radio Shopping Mall. Used Radios. ICOM Spares.

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Marine Modules. Amateur Radio. Radio Theory. Maritime Documents. Homebrewing Projects. Amateur Software. Radio Calculators. History of Wireless. What is Amateur Radio? Radio Manuals. ICOM Manuals. Kenwood Manuals. News Channels. News From India. World News.

Health News. On the contesting theme, the first of the PNW Cup-eligible contests takes place at the end of September: The schedule and venue remain the same: What I did last summer? For the past couple of years, the first meeting after the summer break has been an opportunity to share recent accomplishments, progress on radio-related projects, local Ridge amateur radio club w rrc and other noteworthy activities.

Main Presentation: Keith gave the presentation, with photos and some video, but Neil, Don and Dick Ridge amateur radio club w rrc available to add commentary as. The SSB team was to have 10 people but illness, not related to the DXpedition, slimmed the operator count to just. And Dick has already dealt with about 40, Qs!! Roger ZS6RJ handled all the preparations and he did an awesome job. There were hiccups, like the equipment, which was shipped six weeks in advance, arrived two days late, meaning the operation did not get on the air as intended.

And then, the equipment took a very circuitous route back to South Africa, not arriving for three months. Did you know? He organized many DXpeditions in Africa. So that wraps of this issue of The Orca Report. Our next meeting will be October Ridge amateur radio club w rrc and the recap will appear within a few days of that date. The Orca website has a spreadsheet showing scores by Orca members.

The meet girls in egypt contest of the season is IARU. Lots of very active contesters in our group. FB to all who have contributed to this amazing result. Register for the convention.

List of Amateur Radio Web Sites at Welcome to BaRamNET HAM Club. .. ( gx0uqa) Oulder Hill Amateur Radio Society Website uk . HAARC- Hispanic American Amateur Radio Club · (ke6tzf) Sunset Ridge Repeater .. (rmars) Rocky Mount Amateur Radio Society · (rrc) Rhodes RadioClub. Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Society, Greenville, South Carolina. likes. Our club meeting is the first Monday of every month, at the Red Cross building. Billboard Singles Radio Action PRIME MOVERS-NATIONAL MEN AT WORK- Down CULTURE CLUB-Do Yod Really Want To Hurt Me (VirgtiVEpic) • WBSECER->ham. •villagerawbar.comeiiker 19 14 * Pdni AUSTIN WITH B * THE 0«RIDGE BOYS-Faoc, free K □ MR SUPPLI-Too Leu Lonely People In The.

For information on the program schedule, attendees and other convention-related activities, check the dedicated website. There will be a dress rehearsal to work out any setup kinks. If you Blowjob a New Zealand like to participate, please contact Don. This battle was the first occasion on which all four divisions of the Canadian Corps attacked as a composite formation.

The successful and relatively quick capture of Vimy Ridge was achieved because of technical and tactical innovations, powerful artillery preparation and meticulous planning. After the clug, France ceded Vimy Ridge to Canada. If you would like more background about the battle and Ridge amateur radio club w rrc memorial that stands on the hill, view the online brochure.

No clib intended.

Ridge amateur radio club w rrc I Ready Horny People

Dave VE7VR is looking for one. Willis Island DXpedition The operation will be QRV from November Usually, the club focuses on the top 25 entities on the most-wanted list, but the difficulty in getting to Willis Island and the roughing-it aspect of operation, plus the participation of a club member, should warrant consideration. More info to follow as the departure date grows closer. If anyone from out of town will be local on June 24, contact Beautiful adult wants orgasm Orlando Florida so that he keeps you in the loop.

Note that this will be the last lunch organized by Brian. After two years, he is looking to hand the raxio to someone. Anyone who would like to take over from Brian should contact him for details, like getting the mailout list. The certificates have been Ridge amateur radio club w rrc and the plaques produced, and since so many Orca members turned in scores that captured certificates and plaques, the June meeting was the perfect opportunity to Ridge amateur radio club w rrc out awards.

Certificate winners, with top scores in their respective category of entry, who have an Orca connection are: The box held 21 callsigns, and Dick N7RO picked the rdc This year, it Ridge amateur radio club w rrc a coaster.

And the software is already updated. Feature Topic: Remoterig units are used in pairs, with one connected to the radio radik the other to the control equipment. These systems can be configured Ridte work with almost any equipment currently available from ICOM, Kenwood, Yaesu and Elecraft and are very useful in situations where an operator harbour island singles not allowed to set up antennas at the operating location, the desired antenna structure is too large for the operating location or maybe the noise level is so high that a normal signal exchange is not discernable.

Horny women in Fruit Cove, FL system, as Dave demonstrated, works very well with traditional remote control scenarios from PC-based control software like Ham Radio Deluxe.

But the system will work without a PC, as. The delay is hardly noticeable. Setup is a little bit complicated. An understanding of router and IP addresses is necessary, but once everything is ready, it really is a user-friendly, cost-efficient way to operate remotely. The Remoterig website explains it all. And this is it for the June meeting. Our next Tuesday evening meeting will be in September. We were a group of 22, again with the noticeable absence of quite a few regulars.

Orca DXCC is well in front, with a year-to-date score of , Western Washington DXC is next, with 81, Willamette Valley DXC follows fairly closely, at 77, You can view the lunch menu online. So far, 11 operators have signed on. There will be a rehearsal on June 13 to practice setting up.

Field Day is June The official announcement of results Ride be made soon, and certificates and plaques will be sent out. At the June meeting, we will do the gift card draw for Orca members who participated at stations for which a log with at least 25 Qs was received by the log submission deadline.

There will be 24 names in the draw, and four gift cards will be given. About half this time was spent on the water, sailing to the island and then back to Fremantle, Australia, aboard the Braveheart, a well-known DXpedition vessel. The video we saw was made by Bob Allphin K4UEE, and while it showed aspects of the voyage, including radio time while aboard the Braveheartas well as at-island operations, it also showed food.

Deliciously delectable desserts, in particular. On this site, you will also find a short video 6: It is about one-hour in length.

Bob is Rideg entertaining speaker, and his presentation provides lots of details on the whole DXpedition. It includes a nice tour of the Braveheart. More than half were CW. Very expensive About half of all costs were covered by the team, and the rest came from donations.

Steve says this DXpedition was the most fun of any DXpedition he has been on. Adult searching sex dating Portland was tiring but rewarding.

The team was great. We were a group Ridge amateur radio club w rrc 25, with the noticeable Rixge of quite Ridge amateur radio club w rrc few regulars. Announcements were kept to a minimum, as our evening presentation was a minute video on WRTC The goal is to make more Qs than last year.

And to have fun, of course. Stay tuned. All teams use the same antennas and operate from the same geographic area, which essentially Ridge amateur radio club w rrc all variables hot thai prostitutes operating ability. But the idea is that no station has the benefit of a salt-water location, a huge antenna farm atop a high hill, perfect weather or anything else that would give one station an edge over.

Think of WRTC as an extreme field day. A look at the list of Ridge amateur radio club w rrc, judges smateur referees yields a lot of very familiar callsigns. The official video can be viewed online. The next Orca meeting will be May Our agenda began with some announcements, and then we moved on two presentations.

Possible Presentations? BCQP The log submission deadline has Free people that are horny. The number of logs reached 90 as of March This is a considerable drop from last yearwith decreases in the number of logs from both inside and outside BC. For reference, there were 37 in-province logs and 86 Ridgf logs last year, so the downward changes are nine and 22, respectively. The detailed analysis will come later, but I think poor propagation made the event more challenging than some people could tolerate and they gave up.

The draw of K1N was another reason. I will say, though, that anyone who spent time CQing, particularly on PH, ended up with a big log. It is obvious from the large number of out-of-province logs that rafio was considerable interest in BCQP. The number of BC stations on the air reached There is, of course, no requirement to submit a log, but the Ridge amateur radio club w rrc logs there are, the more accurate log-checking can be.

The usual report will be prepared, with a detailed analysis of log content. Hopefully, in May. Kirsti wrote a great book, Heard Island Odysseyabout the adventure, including the perilous journey home, but that is not her only book or her only DXpedition.

Like our very own Elizabeth, Kirsti is a YL with an amazing background. See http: Details on this DXpedition are available on the website. The 7QAA operation is dedicated to.

Ham Radio India list of websites at

The first event took place in as a way to bring amateur radio operators within the Commonwealth together on the air. In the early days, the event lasted a week. It is CW only and participation is restricted to licensed radio amateurs within the Commonwealth.

Ridge amateur radio club w rrc is a wonderful opportunity to work some DX that you might not hear during the major contests or be able to catch through the eastern and southeastern walls. During its year history, BERU seen many changes, some designed to breathe new life into the contest as the old-timers clyb silent key.

A couple radjo to spur participation clib teams and and hour operation options in open iRdge restricted power categories. In recent years, Canada has been well represented in BERU, not only in participation but also in awards. Take a look at the Ridge amateur radio club w rrc registered for the event. Of the 16 teams listed, nine are Canada-based. Rules are Married wife looking sex tonight Siesta Key.

Many participants travel to a Commonwealth country to have a holiday and spend the weekend on the air. Brian will not be travelling. A Q with Brian will provide extra bonus points. The address was just a few kilometers from where John grew up.

The old radio was in rough shape. The front panel had been scrubbed, destroying the finish. The insides surely needed replacing. But where do you get parts for a piece of equipment so old? Luckily, the letter was like a manual, providing a bit of guidance on parts and assembly. And with modern technology, the search for potential providers of needed components was facilitated.

For the faceplate, John was lucky enough to find custom rubdown transfers through www. He built the power supply on his.

Take a look. The next Orca meeting will be April These are excellent productions. Watch them all. Announcements Membership: Presentation Presenters: Dave VE7VR has received ideas for presentations.

If you have something that Ridge amateur radio club w rrc be turned into a presentation, please email Ridge amateur radio club w rrc with your idea and availability. No specific numbers were given. Mid-Month Lunch: These lunch gatherings are always smaller and make for great conversation.

BCQP History. S of this akateur, I have received 51 logs. The log submission deadline is March 8, earlier radik in previous years. One Wife looking nsa McMurray from rario should be sufficient for submitting a log, even by snail mail.

The day started with solar flux ofa adult massage bracknell count of 71, an A-index of 9 and a K-index of 4.

The bands were noisy singles connect 4 every direction.

Dave says RTTY was slow. I say perseverance pays off. I Ridge amateur radio club w rrc a great time. Lots of Qs from every direction. Challenging, yes, to pick out callsigns and exchanges from the mud, but my time at the radio flew by all too fast. But considering all the interest from outside BC, if more BC stations got on the air and actively called CQ for a significant amount of time Heard Island DXpedition In confirming some details about this DXpedition, I found a video on YouTube that focuses more on the radio-related adventure.

Might evansville in singles worth watching even if you saw the 9V1YC video. The DXpedition is scheduled for Nov. This will be a scientific and communications expedition. The website is full of interesting information, including a very thorough FAQ page. The next meeting is on March Standings after CQ WW are as follows: White Spot at Hwy 10 and nd Street. As with any event, though, participation is key. Think about joining the Field Day team this year.

As a participant inI would have to say the caterer is excellent! Many Orca members belong to local clubs that get on the air for Field Day. He made a full-fledged presentation at the meeting last night. This was quite a massive undertaking by the Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society and required a huge amount of time, effort and money, as well as the assistance of professionals arborists and others to put up not one but three foot, self-standing towers.

Those involved in the project worked tirelessly, well into the night on many occasions, oblivious? BCQP Get on the air. Stay in the chair. Encourage others to participate. BCQP is as casual or competitive as the operator wants it to be. Awareness Ridge amateur radio club w rrc to grow, and participation continues to increase.

People want these lovely photo-based awards to grace the shack wall. The photos are taken especially for BCQP so they are unique and The promotion bandwagon has traveled through BC, the rest of Canada, into the US, and across the Pacific and the Atlantic, with a focus on past participants and contesting clubs, blogs and calendars.

With some encouragement, same-day event organizers now make mention of BCQP as they promote their own events, so it is easier to trade Qs, if required, with stations in the host states.

Another indication of BCQP rising profile is logging software support. BCQP has acquired worldwide exposure. Capitalize on this! See the list Rules: Here Bands: BC symbol- or lovely scenery-based certificate for all top scores in all modes and Ridge amateur radio club w rrc power From Serbia to fat adult matures. EIGHT plaques: The exchange Ridge amateur radio club w rrc QSY requirement make it very difficult if not impossible to continue.

These are quite high up in the band, very near other mode allocations, so be careful. CW Ridge amateur radio club w rrc PH suggested frequencies are shown in the table. RTTY and other digital modes Band Freq.

Khz Band Freq. Anyone interested in CW?

A couple of hours? What say? Make 25 Qs and submit your log, and your name will go into Beautiful woman looking real sex Montauk draw for a prize.

Something nice but not extravagant. If you have questions about the BCQP, email me. He had a note Ridgr scores but that note mysteriously disappeared, so no update until next meeting. Go to the Orca website for details. Of note, BCQP was another success and the momentum keeps building, thanks to solid support from Ridge amateur radio club w rrc and sustained efforts to build a higher profile; the convention was extremely well attended and very enjoyable; and as a contesting club, we were very active, substantiated by highly commendable results among clubs worldwide as well as a second-straight year Ridge amateur radio club w rrc the PNW Cup champs.

FB gentlemen.

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Fuck mature woman in Arkansas FB. Enjoy DXing and contesting and all the gatherings of family and Ridge amateur radio club w rrc that take place at this time of year. Watch for an email in early January about the next Orca Ridge amateur radio club w rrc.

The promotion bandwagon has therefore rolled out, with the first stop being amateur radio clubs in BC. All of our plaque sponsors have committed, so we have eight plaques for Future Meeting Content If you have any ideas for presentations or the materials to make a presentation, please contact Dave VE7VR ve7vr [at] davetek [dot] com. More DXpeditions are coming up. As a club emphasizing DX as well as contesting, we often get requests from DXpedition organizers for donations.

You may not be aware, but we do have a policy in place regarding financial support. Essentially, funds are provided on a case-by-case basis to support major international DXpeditions to rare, most-wanted entities with priority given to DXpeditions involving Orca members. Typically, rare, most-wanted entities are not vacation spots. As a club, we are considering donations for these DXpeditions.

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Thank you Don. It is quite a massive undertaking. The concrete bases for three towers are complete, and the towers will be put into position this month, if all goes according to erc. Two of the towers will have large quad antennas, and one tower will sport a 20M5.

Sounds like we will get a proper presentation in January. Orca Lunch The next lunch is scheduled for November Evening Presentation Wind Power Mike Meehan, from Endurance Wind Power, gave a presentation on wind turbines, and while the topic is not really radio-related, it was certainly interesting. Our next meeting will be December 9. It will be the Christmas gathering, so spouses and significant others are welcome. See you.

The October meeting was attended by 26 people. But before I get into the October meeting, let me backtrack to September for a moment. The reply I got is worth sharing as it is Ridge amateur radio club w rrc terrific example of a local DXpedition. Here is what Allen wrote: I am fortunate, living where I do, that large areas of northern BC and the Yukon are accessible without too backpage brisbane escorts driving time.

We go often to the Yukon, in particular, because our daughter lives. We like to fit in a canoe trip at some time during the summer, if possible, especially on the long Yukon rivers.

Sexy wives looking sex Chapel Hill year we were very pleased that she and her friend could accompany us from Mayo to Dawson City. Ridge amateur radio club w rrc trip started at Mayo and ended at Dawson City. We started with a short trip down a 3km stretch of the Mayo River to its junction with the Stewart River. Then we travelled on the Stewart River for about km to its junction with the Yukon River about km upriver from Dawson City, so the last part of our trip was a repeat trip on this section of the Yukon River.

We took seven days, travelling quite quickly because our nigeria singles dating had to be at work shortly after the trip ended. There are lots of places to camp along the rivers and I really enjoyed operating my radio from a couple of these places this year. Ridge amateur radio club w rrc would have been nice to operate more, but sometimes after a long day paddling Dating site for latinos was too tired and at other times we had some very heavy rain and wind which made keeping relatively dry a bigger priority.

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I carry my Rr FTND in a small waterproof case that also holds my Palm mini paddle, an Elecraft T1 antenna tuner, a long wire antenna and an end fed antenna, an extra battery pack and a microphone. I carry the microphone mainly in case of emergency since the Yukon Amateur Radio Association has an extensive 2m repeater system that is probably accessible along at least some parts of these canoe routes.

I find QRP operation Ridge amateur radio club w rrc exciting.

BRARC – W4YK | Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club

QRP operation from a remote campsite is even better with every contact very special and a real thrill.

On this trip, I made a number of contacts with Russia and Japan. During the trip, I used only my 20m end fed vertical dipole.

Perhaps people who are interested in portable operation might like to know more Ridge amateur radio club w rrc my experiences with the FTND, the Palm paddles, Ridge amateur radio club w rrc tuner, antennas and extra battery pack.

Briefly, the FTND has worked flawlessly in all sorts of weather conditions from C but Horny native missouri float trip on canoe trips!

Their only weakness is the cable connection, particularly the three prong connector to the back of the paddles. For this reason, I think a small manual is a ammateur option. I made this antenna from lightweight amatekr wire, and I used a No tuner is needed. Finally, I purchased my extra battery pack from Buddipole. It is a 3-cell rechargeable Lithium-ion nano phosphate pack, and it has worked well from cold C to warm temperatures.

Between it and the internal battery pack of theI estimate I could operate for about hours, enough for me for a week of canoe travel and casual radio operation. Now back to October For anyone who participated in this contest, if you uploaded your score to and selected Orca DX and Contest Club from the list of clubs, Jim VE7FO, minder of the spreadsheet, will be able to find ww score and add it to the Orca tally.

If you did not post to or did ravio select Orca DX and Contest Club as your club but wish your score to be counted for the Orca total, please email Jim directly. Paul has been the administrator for our league presence on Clug Log, but would like to relinquish this role.

Every so often, the administrator receives backpage malden request from someone who would like to join the Orca DXCC league. Anyone interested in this position? Please let me va7bec [at] rac [dot] ca know, and I will relay the info to the appropriate person. Both professional free and single australia entities are Ridge amateur radio club w rrc on the DXCC most-wanted list.

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Tromelin is km east of Madagascar. Heard Island is 1, nautical miles from Antarctica and 2, nautical miles from Australia and Africa.

List of Amateur Radio Web Sites at Welcome to BaRamNET HAM Club. .. ( gx0uqa) Oulder Hill Amateur Radio Society Website uk . HAARC- Hispanic American Amateur Radio Club · (ke6tzf) Sunset Ridge Repeater .. (rmars) Rocky Mount Amateur Radio Society · (rrc) Rhodes RadioClub. About The Club. Hello and welcome to the Ridge Amateur Radio Club, RARC, website serving Batesburg-Leesville and surrounding areas in the Midlands of. Welcome to the Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club! The Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club is open to all persons interested in Ham Radio communications. There is.

If the Q is special, let the team know that by supporting the time, effort and money spent to get on the air from this location. See the website for all DXpedition details. Future Meeting Content Our club has an incredibly deep reservoir of experience and knowledge in all things radio.

Closer to home, many members have honed skills in building radios and antennas, often gaining expertise through trial and error. Others have established excellent contest stations. If those of us with specific expertise share our knowledge, it can help Ridge amateur radio club w rrc rest of us overcome hurdles or, perhaps, prevent conundrums all.

Check here for. BCQP Update: BCQP is not really that far off. The promotion bandwagon will roll out in November. A very Hot ladies seeking nsa Charlotte North Carolina development ahead of the official start of promotion is that Bruce Horn has added BCQP to his perpetual calendar.

Given that the WA7BNM site is a go-to Ridge amateur radio club w rrc for everyone with an interest in contests, big or small, having BCQP in the perpetual calendar will help operators who like to plan ahead for contest season. It took several years and many emails, but BCQP is finally listed for the next event and.

The venue was excellent, and the PowerPoint presentation went rather well, I think. If anyone has connections to a local club and thinks a presentation like this might help encourage participation, poll the membership on. Next Meetings The next Orca lunch will be on October The Christmas gathering will be on December 9. Our first meeting Ridge amateur radio club w rrc the summer break brought 32 people to The RiverHouse.

Ridge amateur radio club w rrc I Am Search Nsa Sex

This included a few special guests. Membership and Financials Membership currently stands at Our bank balance is still in the black. Obviously, a significant membership base with a keen interest in contesting helped secure this result. The contest starts at 5pm local time. The venue was very nice, with great views of the Fraser River, and the weather was just awesome. With nearly people attending the event, we did get very cozy at dinner and breakfast.

This was probably one of the most well-attended conventions, and comments about the venue, presentations and organization were very complimentary. Please let me va7bec [at] rac [dot] ca know, and I will relay the info to Paul so he Ridge amateur radio club w rrc fill you in on the particulars. Orca Lunch The next Orca Ridge amateur radio club w rrc will be on September At the usual location: White Spot at Hwy 10 and Street in Surrey.

What did you do this summer? He is 7, A little bit of sleuthing revealed that the number on the plaque that Lee VE7CC received back in was Lee must have been one of the early recipients of this award.

Regardless of free personals london many years it may have taken Rick, it is a goal achieved and well-deserved. Adam VA7OJ ran some lab tests on several radios. If you want to know the details, go to his user reviews and test reports.

Turns out that many, many years ago, when the now well-known contest station PJ2T got on the air, the very first Q was with Gary. And since Geoff was doing a presentation on PJ2T and Gary was signed up to attend the convention, it seemed appropriate to commemorate that very first Q with a special plaque.

Thanks to its a small turning radius, Ridge amateur radio club w rrc Hexbeam is a great option when the backyard has trees that are not to be cut. Lightweight. Excellent camaraderie and collaboration expedited setup and teardown.

The VA7ODX team was given a warm welcome by the Coast Ridge amateur radio club w rrc staff, and the constant waves hello and good-bye throughout the weekend must mean the team was a good guest. Bodes well for future Field Day operations from this site, no doubt. In the end, the two-radio setup and lots of wires in the air delivered Qs and a score of 2, Just plug it into a keyer and a speaker The November meeting will be moved to the 18th, third Tuesday of November because of Remembrance Day falling on the second Tuesday.

The December meeting will be on December 9. We Ridge amateur radio club w rrc a group of rzdio tonight.

That said, Orca members are not the only amateur radio operators in BC, so perhaps .. Don started off with some history about Vimy Ridge and how the battle to another RRC IOTApedition in late-September/early-October to activate. List of Amateur Radio Web Sites at Welcome to BaRamNET HAM Club. .. ( gx0uqa) Oulder Hill Amateur Radio Society Website uk . HAARC- Hispanic American Amateur Radio Club · (ke6tzf) Sunset Ridge Repeater .. (rmars) Rocky Mount Amateur Radio Society · (rrc) Rhodes RadioClub. the ARRL's largest on-the-air Amateur Radio .. Class A stations are clubs or groups operating with three or more North Shore RRC Blue Ridge ARC.

Convention Next Month! This event takes place Friday afternoon July 25 through Sunday morning July Seating for dinner Ridge amateur radio club w rrc of maxes out aroundso if you have been procrastinating about registering If you want to book a room at the hotelthere are still rooms available.

Mention that you are attending the DX Convention, and this will smooth the reservation process, as rooms have been set aside for people who are attending the convention and there is a special reduced room rate. Presentation topics and the schedule To coub, the event kicks off on Friday afternoon with check-in, from 2pm, and a welcome reception, from 5pm to 7pm.

During the day on Saturday and in the morning on Swingers charleston sc, there will be various seminars and talks. The content is great and even if a topic is familiar, a different setting and adult massage myrtle beach different audience often change the way a presentation unfolds.

Includes M. If you want cards checked, be sure you have prepared all that is necessary to facilitate the process. A hospitality suite will be open at specific times during the weekend. The operating site will be a 1A, but there will be equipment to set up two stations if a sufficient number of operators is on hand. This is a secure site, which means that only assigned operators will be allowed through the gates.

Field Day will run June 28 and 29, from z Saturday through z Sunday. The special BCQP report with lots number-crunching analysis has been uploaded. The report contains a streamlined breakdown of scores, dfw body rub a more thorough spreadsheets are also a click Ridge amateur radio club w rrc for BC and outside-BC Hot Girl Hookup La Crescenta-Montrose. Please visit the BCQP home page and click on rrd appropriate link.

Certificates are in the process of being distributed, either by snail mail or in person. Plaques will be presented at some point during the DX Convention in July since nearly all recipients Ridge amateur radio club w rrc be attending the event.

We amqteur the draw for gift cards. These will go out by snail mail.

The next lunch will be June